Labelling Review

A food label is your way of communicating important product information directly with a customer. It provides the customer with basic product information, nutritional information and safety information. Regulatory authorities have put in place food labelling regulations and requirements to protect consumers. If you fail to meet these standards or provide either misleading or false representations on any of your food labels, you may potentially leave your business reputation at risk. Consumers rely on product labels to make informed food choices. With an incorrectly labelled product, it may cause significant health problems for a customer such as allergies. As a result, your food nutrition labelling must be highly accurate and subject to a regular food label check.

We assess and review according to food labelling requirements, including ingredients, allergen declarations, nutrition facts, country of origin and other mandatory requirements. Conducting a thorough and accurate food label check and ensuring that your food packaging labels meet global and local regulatory standards is vitally important to your business.

Stability Testing

Shelf life studies ensure the safety and quality of your products, can save your company significant time and money and most importantly, allow you to create products that will exceed consumer expectations.

Accelerated Life Testing (ASLT)

Food industries require a relatively short time to obtain the necessary information for determining the shelf life of their products. For practical reasons, when the actual storage time is long, it is required to use accelerated test techniques that considerably shorten the process of obtaining the necessary experimental data. Accelerated shelf life testing (ASLT) will refer to any method that is capable of evaluating product stability, based on data that is obtained in a significantly shorter period than the actual shelf life of the product. ASLT is an indirect method of measuring and estimating the stability of a product by storing the product under controlled conditions that increase the rate of degradation occurring in the product under normal storage conditions.

Shelf–life product extension

For products with short shelf-life there is a need to extend it especially when the products have to be exported. Our Research & Development department provides the ability to customize products using modified atmosphere packaging or different storage conditions and even interventions in your recipes.

New Product Development

We provide full consultation on the development of innovative products and market trends.

  • Nutrition declaration. Nutrient information derived from specifications and literature is very practical during the initial stages of the product development. Laboratory testing reduces labeling risk and provides tangible quality monitoring as well as ensuring regulatory compliance.
  • Stability studies to evaluate the products shelf life.
  • We can provide the label’s texts harmonized with the relevant legislation.
  • Nutritious product design


    Our R&D department offers consultation packages regarding exportation needs based on the regulations of the country. We specialize in exportations in People’s Republic of China and we are familiar with the Chinese legislation and customs clearance responsible for the management of import and export commodities inspection area.