European Programmes



Reducing the carbon footprint in the food industry

(LIFE 13 ENV-GR-000958)
The main objective of the LIFE FOODPRINT project is to identify, quantify and implement measures to reduce, the carbon footprint (CF) of the pastry and flour food industry sector along the supply chain while increasing competitiveness through the development of an innovative software tool.

Completed Programmes

11SYN_2_1528 Efficacy of novel analytical techniques to predict the quality and safety of newly developed perishable food products 1.600.000,00 € GSRT
12CHN156 Design and development of low GI foods based on sweetening compounds isolated from Stevia rebaudiana cultivated in China and enriched with vitamins A and D. 520.000,00 € GSRT
11SYN_2_741 Exploitation of the plant Stevia Rebaudiana in Greece for the production of high added-value products, with applications in the food industry 1.980.000,00 € GSRT
SYN 09 Development of novel bioprocesses towards exploiting Food Industry’s Residues  for Biofuel Production 317.500,00 € GSRT
PAVE Development and biological evaluation of a new biofunctional food (crystal gel) with Sideritis Euboea (Mountain Tea) and fructo-oligosacharites (FOS), to be consumed by adults (25+) 416.250,00 € GSRT
EUREKA Planning and Development of new biofunctional foodstuff for adults (age over 40) based on existing plant extracts of the global market 539.869,00 € GSRT
EPAN Intercompany System for Customer Support 1.084.287 € GSRT
EPAN Planning and Development of new biofunctional foodstuff and dietary supplements, which are based on Mediterranean diet and biodiversity of the Greek flora 1.455.040 € GSRT
EPAN Study of the quality levels of Greek Traditional foodstuff and industrialisation of their production 1.679.630 € GSRT
EPAN Development of a complete and novel system for quality management and for safety as well as for achieving traceability through the use of computer science technology 1.621.330 € GSRT
EUREKA Optimising the quality of Baby Foods, through the development and application of specific control methods 352.178 € GSRT
PAVE 00 Planning, development and production of instant preparations based on cereals and plants used in traditional-Mediterranean nutrition 138.256.000 drachmas GSRT
EPE PROGRAM – METRO 2.3 Saving Energy in YIOTIS Production Facilities 43 million drachmas GSRT
EPV Health and Safety 26.4 million drachmas GSRT
PAVE 99 Research and Development of a “healthy” chocolate type of product through the application of living microorganisms Bifidobacterium 78,94 million drachmas GSRT
NUTRITION 98 Development of traditional type bakery products, “breadsticks”, with traditional raw materials of high nutritional value 100 million drachmas GSRT
PAVE 97 Research and Development of a “sponge cake” type of product with long life cycle to be used in confectionery products 41,7 million drachmas GSRT
RETEX III Study of the Planning of a Cost Management System using the Activity Based Costing method 9,50 million drachmas GSRT
SYN 96 Development of a Sausage Roll type of product with long life cycle through the application of Modified Atmosphere Technology 35,5 million drachmas GSRT
PEPER 95 Novel aggregation procedure towards producing a highly soluble granular cocoa product 12 million drachmas GSRT
RETEX II Planning – Development of a Total Quality Control System with IT support 10 million drachmas FP
RETEX I Equipment for dealing with industrial waste and scrap 20 million drachmas FP
LIFE 1994 Promoting the application of 1836/93 regulation in the Greek Industrial Sector: Pilot Scale application and activities towards publishing relevant information 140.000 ECU MEPPPW
PAVE 1994 Industrial Planning of a Baby Foods Production Line of high yield and optimum quality 29,6 million drachmas GSRT
PAVE 1994 Development and evaluation of a method determining aflatoxins in nuts, aiming to its implementation in the context of Quality Control 30,6 million drachmas GSRT
PAVE 1992 Development of a rapid method towards determining water soluble vitamins simultaneously in enriched foodstuff in order to be used in the context of Quality Control 30 million drachmas GSRT
STRIDE 1991-1993 Nutritional Policy: Towards developing Research Facilities and Providing Services 200.000 ΕCU GSRT
PAVE 1990 Planning and Monitoring the Reliability of a product with long life cycle 24,3 million drachmas GSRT