Food contact materials – Migration

The packaging materials currently used for food are: Metal, ceramics, glass, paper, cellulose products – cellophane, plastic – rubber and other elastomers, coatings, paints and lacquers

According to the directive of EC 1935/2004, in order food packaging materials to be suitable it is necessary to be ensured that they do not compromise human health and do not change the composition of the food or deteriorate the organoleptic characteristics.

The institutional framework governing food contact packaging materials can be summarized as follows:

• Food and Beverage Code.

• European Directives and Regulations with the basic rules of the EU 10/2011.

Our laboratory performs tests on plastics and other food packaging materials for overall and specific migration. We offer the necessary knowledge and support so that together with you to choose the appropriate test program for testing your products in order to have all the elements for compliance with European and international regulations for the contact materials and food.